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Why use our products
This technology has many benefits over conventional products: Electroactivated fluid is inexpensive to produce than chemicals using ordinary tap water, a small amount of salt, and a minute amount of electricity The fluid is effective and stable and can be used in a normal trigger spray, as well as the spray provided, saving on the cost of multiple devices There are savings on delivery and storage costs There is no cost of disposal of packaging The fluid is made fresh on the spot It is safe to use around people and animals It replaces a number of expensive cleaning products and desinfectants Training costs are reduced and Health & Safety requirements are minimal AND IT CLEANS AND DISINFECTS BRILLIANTLY! The Technology is tried and tested. These products contains a special cell in the spray and jug which uses electrochemical activation (ECA) to convert the salt and water into an activated solution of mixed oxidants with disinfectant and detergent properties. The solution from this poroduct sold in Western Europe is tested to EN 1276 and conforms to the European Biocides directive.